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My name is Gábor Nagy, I was bon on 8th of June 1974 at Nyíregyháza. I could tell long stories about my childhood and basically about my life, but the important thing is that I became a musician. To be more exact, I’m a gutarist, and a composer who writes songs and music for advertisements. Because of our family traditions I have the gift to be able to teach people. I graduated at the Teachers Training School of Debrecen, where I became a vocal teacher, and I use this skill as a guitar teacher nowadays.

Of course it was a long-long journey until I started teaching guitar and making records, but it worth it because it is always a good experience to see somebodies development, or listening to a well-composed song which I recorded in my own studio.


As a young musician, like everybody else, i started to play in several not very well-known bands, until one day in 1998 me and a few of my bandmates founded the Zanzibar band. It was a very good experience to me, I had the possibility to learn composing songs, instrumentation, creating records, making tours and gigs, and i had the experience to feel what it’s like a lot of people love the work you do. But times and people are changing, growing up, so after 11 years and a many good memories I left the band in 2010 to find my own way, and I founded the Wasabi Kht band which allows me to play exactly the kind of music I like without any compromises.


Besides that I created a little home-studio in the downtown of Budapest, where I compose music for advertisements, and for several bands in different genres, and of course I teach play the guitar for beginners and for intermediate players as well.







Nagy Gábor Studio: Instrumentation, Teaching play the gutiar, Composing music for advertisements

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