Nagy Gábor


Composing music, songs, instrumentation


As I like exciting things, I quite early foud out that it is a good thing to compose music and songs not only for myself and my band, but for several other bands too. It is a different challenge to compose and create records to others, but I like to do it and I do instrumentation for existing ideas in various styles with pleasure. Fortunately a lot of bands like to work with me, and they like the free athmosphere of my studio, and a many of them coming back to work with me again and again. I welcome anybody, who needs help in composing music and songs, making the instrumentation or needs any studio work. All these works take place in my own studio in the downtown of Budapest.






Composing music for advertisements



Besides composing songs I compose music for advertisements, too. I composed music for several small spots, but my most important work was composing the Pepsi Cola campaign song for the famous singer, Magdi Rúzsa. If somebody is interested, do not hesitate to contact me. I am waiting for the request of any companies. I create the ordered music according to any wishes and parameters fine and on time, and it can be a radio spot, or music for an advertisement video.



Teaching play the guitar


I am dealing with teaching now for 10 years, I taught at Illés Lajos Music School earlier, and of course i had and have private students, too. I teach my students to play the guitar in my home studio, where I am prepared to teach in any genres and styles of pop music and I ensure professional circumstances for learning. My favourite music are the rock, blues, metal and jazz, and i am teaching int he style of  Jimi Hendrix, Gary Moore, Paul Gilbert, Zakk Wylde, Joe Bonamassa, Slash, Scott Henderson, John Scofield and many others.I have beginner and intermediate students, and I don’t only teach my students how to play the guitar, but I’m trying to inspire them for composing and instrumentation also, and giving them advices how to work in a studio and how to record music.

Nagy Gábor Studio: Instrumentation, Teaching play the gutiar, Composing music for advertisements

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